Cool Zippo Lighters that are Old

You can learn plenty about cool Zippo lighters from the date stamped on it. Not only can this share with you that it is a legitimate product, but when it was made. Understanding the dates and other codes gives you an idea of what you have come across. If you plan to buy it, you need to know that value. If you think about selling it, knowing what you could get for it does matter.
The dating actually started out as a means of quality control in the Zippo lighters factory. However, today it is one of the most meaningful and beneficial elements for collectors to use for their products. Any cool Zippo lighters before 1950 won’t have such a date stamped on it. This is a prime indicator that you have a very early product – or you have a fake.
You will find a letter and then two digits on cool  Zippo lighters to help identify their date of creation. The letter will be A through L and each represents a month on the calendar. For example, A is for January and L is for December. The two digit number means the year it was made.
The date is only one part of what makes Zippo lighters that are cool valuable.The quality, if it still works, and even the model it is can all influence what that assigned value will be. Some models are very rare due to few of them being made or so few left in circulation. Sometimes, newer models can hold more value than another type even though it is older.
It can be fun to learn about the dates and other details of cool Zippo lighters. What is also fascinating is learning about the history behind them. Some of them were made at very specific times for certain things such as the start of a particular war. The history that is involved with these lighters is just as valuable as the actual product itself.
If you can’t make out the date on an older and cool Zippo lighters, you can ask for help from a qualified expert. Some jewelry stores have professionals who will conduct an appraisal for you. The cost is very minimal and they can often schedule a time for you to come in and watch them with the product as they complete the assessment.
You can also contact about the cool Zippo lighters to obtain authorization to send it in for them to evaluate. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to them and the return shipping fees. You will need to send it with insurance and tracking for your own protection. If there is no date, it may be a fake but cool Zippo lighters. Before you toss it out though, find out.
The company began making these lighters in the 1930s but they didn’t start the date stamping until the 1950s. You may have your hands on a highly sought after collectible – one of the very early Zippo lighters products. It is very important you find out what you have based on the date you see or the date that is missing.