Documents Needed for Selling Your Home Philadelphia

There are plenty of things potential home buyers think about when they are selling your home Philadelphia. These are things that we tend to not advertise when we put a home out there. Yet when you have documentation of such things it can put their mind at ease. It helps them to see the home has been well cared for when selling your home Philadelphia.
This is going to encourage them to buy a home that they really like. Here are some documents that can make a difference. If you have an exterminator come in annually as a way to prevent problems with pests, share that information. It shows the home doesn’t have issues with termites, rodents, or other concerns before selling your home Philadelphia.
What records do you have with your homeowner’s insurance? Does it show the home has been claim free for a substantial period of time? This is good news for someone interesting in buying. They know there hasn’t been one serious issue after another with the home. If you have filed any claims, that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.
For example, if there was a roofing issue a few years ago and you filed a claim, let them know the work that was done. Do you have solar energy or energy efficient windows to help with selling your home Philadelphia? Those are things that will lower utility bills for anyone who moves into your home. Share those details to help with selling your home Philadelphia.
When someone is calculating how much home they can afford, they aren’t looking at just the mortgage cost. They are also looking at any additional costs. The utilities have to be factored into their budget. Knowing it isn’t going to cost them a bundle for electricity or to heat the place in the winter time can be very encouraging for them and will help with selling your home Philadelphia.
A packet of information about local parks, schools, activities, and public transportation can be appealing. Don’t assume that the potential buyers have done this research on their own. If they are on the fence about the location, knowing these elements are in place for them makes it a convenient place for them to move into. This can seal the deal and get them to place an offer.
If there is a warranty on anything that could be transferred over, let that be known to potential buyers. For example, if there is a warranty on the roof or the hot water heater that remains. They can use those details once they buy the home if they should have any problems. Keep all of those records handy so they can review them if they want specifics of what is covered and what isn’t.
These documents are proof that you have worked hard to keep your home in great condition over the years. People want to buy a place that is going to hold up well. They don’t want to be afraid there will be ongoing problems for them down the road. While they can’t predict everything, these types of documents can help them to feel it is worth it to buy the place.