Use Rajan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine As your Surgeon

It can be scary when you have to go through surgery to repair a part of your body. It may be due to your injury or due to the aging process and genetics. When all other forms of treatment have failed to offer enough improvement, surgery may be the only option left. Finding the right orthopedic surgeon to work with can put your mind at ease.

Your own primary care physician may refer you to see a specialist like Rajan orthopedics and sports medicine. This is often based on their assessment, your symptoms and tests including an MRI and x-Ray. You may decide to pick a specialist on your own based on who your friends or family members have gone to before and highly recommend. For many though, the search is one they conduct online to find a great orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon in NJ.

Experience Matters with Rajan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

How much experience does the orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey have? This includes their education and their training. What types of procedures have they been involved with and how many? What has been the outcome for those patients? You want someone with a wealth of information and experience to take care of your needs. Knowing they have a positive history can help you to feel comfortable working with them.

Ask About Consultations

Spend some time talking to the orthopedic surgeon about what you need and what will take place. They can share with you the types of procedures possible for your specific issue. Rajan orthopedic and sports medicine can also tell you the one they recommend the most and why. They should be honest with you, sharing all of the pros and cons of each possibility.

Make sure you use this time during the consultation to ask any questions or concerns that you may have. Don’t be in a hurry to schedule the procedure. Get to know who you will be working with and what you can expect. Rajan will give you a realistic idea of the best case outcome for your orthopedic surgery and any risks associated with that type of procedure. Being well informed can help you to decide how you will proceed and when.


The cost of the procedure will depend on who your orthopedic surgeon in NJ is and the depth of what needs to be conducted. Often, they won’t know the types of damage and repairs needed until they have made the small incisions and inserted the camera into the opening. What they see on the larder video screen allows them to determine how to go about repairing the damage to give you the best outcome. Using Rajan orthopedic and sports medicine for your injury, we make sure that it is cost effective for you.

Recovery is Essential

The orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon in New Jersey should be able to give you a general idea before surgery of what the recovery will consist of. However, after the procedure, you will be given a full list of information to follow. This includes when to see them again, when to see emergency help, signs of an infection, when to start physical therapy, and any limitations in order to allow your body to heal. Make sure you follow these guidelines so you can have the best chance to recovery properly after a sports medicine surgery.