Security Breaches with a Web Designer Philadelphia

An amazing website that delivers on every level is important to you. One of the things you don’t want to overlook with a web designer Philadelphia though is the risk of a security breach. We read about them all the time and it can be very scary. Additional barriers in place for protection do matter as you can’t take any risk here.
Sadly, some of the problems with such security breaches occur in house with web designer Philadelphia. These are your own employees accessing data for personal use. Sometimes, they get the data and they sell it to outside parties. Either way, they have broken the law and they should be held accountable for it.
You can reduce the risk of this occurring with levels of authentication in place. The web designer Philadelphia can put safeguards in place with password protection. This means you get to select which employees have access to the overall information. For example, you can set it up for your customer support people to only have access to the last four digits of a credit card used for an order.
Such information can help them with completing a refund, talking to customers, and much more. However, they don’t have the entire card number so they can’t take it or share it if they wanted to. This deters the issue significantly. For those that have the access with higher levels of authentication, you can find out what they access and when. It limits who has those complete credit card numbers and they know they can be easily discovered if they were to breach that security. They aren’t going to take the risk!
You need more than just a firewall to prevent your content management system from getting hacked. Your web designer Philadelphia should talk to you about the many layers of protection they can put into place. This is going to reduce the risk of SPAM, viruses, and other problems getting into your website. Other security measures have to be taken to make sure it is extremely hard for someone to gain access to your web host server.
Every effort should be made to analyze and verify information so that the web designer Philadelphia and security breaches can be avoided. Talk to your web developer if you aren’t comfortable with what is in place. Don’t wait until an issue has occurred before you step up and take action!
Work with a top notch web designer Philadelphia who is well aware of how important security is. They should make it a priority and they should be installing updates at regular intervals as they are available. This ensures your website always has the highest levels of protection in place. If your security is stagnant, criminals will find a way to use advanced technology to gain access.
Make sure you have methods in place to back up your web site information. If it needs to be contained and reset to a past date due to some type of threat, this is the easiest way for a web developer to take care of it for you.